Walking to the future


Walking to the future

I watched a mother and her young child this morning

As they were walking to school

The mother walked ahead as though in a hurry

The child taking extra steps but still behind


In those few moments this is what I saw…

In the case that the mother carried, was the hope of the future

The child carried her lunch

It was her need for the day


No doubt the mother wishes her child will do better

And achieve all her dreams

Her child is young; perhaps the promises will come true

Of better lives for all and not just a few


The child is so innocent, with the right guidance,

So easy to mould

But left uncared for – forgotten in the system

What will happen to this child, just another story of old?


So as you start your day, remember to do

All that you can for those around you

Perhaps those you encounter today will one day say

There was this person who showed me the way


Walk tall into the future, the past is done

Worrying about it won’t make any difference

And don’t worry about tomorrow that hasn’t yet come

Live for today, be true to yourself and believe the best has yet to come