Age is but a number

“No one grows old by living, only by losing interest in living.”

Marie Beynon Ray

There is the saying ‘you are as old as you feel’ and it must be true because that would explain why sometimes you feel like a teenager and other days like you should be planning your retirement! 

Mentally age is a number.  About 20 years ago I met a client’s assistant who had always spoken about how old she was, and that she couldn’t keep up with everything as she was just an old granny.  Before I was introduced to her, I thought she hadn’t come with the other people, as there was nobody matching the physical description of a doddering old lady. 

Now she has really the age where she is starting to have physical and health issues and all I can think is – what a waste, all those good years feeling old where she could have been enjoying herself.

Then of course, there is the flip side about how when people retire they say they can’t believe they ever had time to work!  My 94 year old aunt is now looking forward to being 100 – it’s only 6 more years was her quip on Christmas Day when I spoke to her. 

It’s amazing how some of the elderly folk have embraced the new technology.  Most of them have cellphones (even if they can’t always hear properly and we have to show them 150 times how to send an SMS 😉 – and most of the retired people I know are pretty smart when it comes to the internet and email!  I would love to know the statistics for Facebook – there has to be plenty grannies and grandpas keepin up with their children and grandchildren’s doings. 

How wonderful!! So much better than sitting staring at a TV or even worse sitting on a bed waiting to die.

But its not only the elderly that can lose interest in living.  There could be several reasons for it and one cannot just glibly say they should just snap out of it.  The point that I want to make is this:  We don’t know how long we have on this earth – we didn’t come with a sell by date, so surely it makes sense to live each day to the full?  Instead of just surviving, why not thrive?  Would it really be so difficult to put a bit of effort into everything? 

If you have been feeling a bit flat – look for something that cheers you up, looking at some of the pictures that I have used on Good Start really made me feel good the other day.  Reach out and tell someone if you aren’t feeling as good as you would like to.

Likewise if you know of someone who has been feeling down – do something that will bring a smile, you’ll be making a difference to two people.

 Until next time, be good to yourself.