31 August 2011

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”      

Mahatma Gandhi        1869 – 1948, Indian Political and Spiritual Leader

I suppose when someone inflicts injury of some sort on us it is human nature to want to retaliate and sometimes restraint has to be exercised.

It also seems that the people who deserve punishing or justice the most are the ones that get away with it for the longest.  Taking the high road can be lonely sometimes but look on the bright side, there’s less traffic there.

It is also pointless hanging onto a grudge and harbouring resentment.  That bitterness just eats away at your soul.  I can still remember the feeling when I finally let go (note, I still cannot say forgive) of my bitterness and anger towards Stepmommy Not Dearest.  A friend of mine kept on telling me that the wheel will turn – I haven’t heard of it turning and I would not be sad to hear that it had, but I cannot live my life harbouring negative feelings toward her.  She would be totally unaware of it, but it would have a bad effect on me.

I did hear a story of a wheel turning last week.  I don’t want to go into details as it involves an ex-client and I have a confidentiality clause that I protect fiercely.  The short story is they unceremoniously dumped me.  Someone in my inner circle took them to a family member who also has an accounting practice.  Well, four years later, the client has been done over by the person they left me for.  They have no records and apparently their work wasn’t submitted.

You know what my first reaction when I heard this was?  Oh good!  My second reaction, how can I help them?  My final reaction when I thought about it?  Tough, they made a decision at the time and now they have to deal with the consequences.  As we all must do. 

It feels at times that the whole world is going crazy, doing awful things and behaving so badly but it doesn’t mean we have to join in.  That doesn’t mean we have to be everyone’s doormat.  Someone does something to you that is unacceptable, move on.  They did it once; chances are they are going to do it again.  I like the saying; “Do something to me once, shame on you.  Do something to me twice, shame on me.”  

So until tomorrow, keep your eyes on something good.



30 August 2011

“I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it’s time America was run like a business.”

Donald Trump       1946 – ,  American Businessman

I am a great Donald Trump fan.  I have read several of his books, and love the way he writes.  Plain, simple language, as though he was talking to the reader.  That man is so busy that he sometimes has seven different meetings in an hour.  Amazing how much time can be saved if you don’t waste time with small talk.

Make no mistake, life has to be a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about things like paying your bills or wondering what’s for supper, but when you are a billionaire, no doubt you have paid your dues one way or the other.

Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was also a real estate developer in New York, ironically though, building low cost housing.  It certainly helped that his father was wealthy, but according to his own writings, Donald built his own fortune, and if you look at what he has done, that makes sense.

We don’t like to make tough decisions especially when those decisions affect other people – I, myself, am very guilty of this.  I have made terrible decisions, or rather; I haven’t made decisions – which is even worse – because I thought of other people before myself.  Now where do you think that noble thinking has got me?  Nowhere near where I should be.  Where are the people I was so considerate of?  No idea – they are long gone, and haven’t kept in touch.


So what is the “bottom line” so to speak?  There is a reason the saying is “charity begins at home” – we need to consider ourselves, not only more, but first.  We need to run our lives like a business, and in my case, my business like a business.

If an astute businessman (or businesswoman) took over running our municipalities and then our country and ran it like a business, how amazing would that be?  They would find what wasn’t working and fix it. 

How good are you at keeping an eye on the bottom line?  Are you aware of everything that goes on in your business?  Keeping an eye on all your assets?  Ready to make tough decisions?

Rumours abound that Donald Trump is going to run for President in 2012.  I find American politics very interesting, and should he make that decision, I for one, will be glued to all the debates.

Until tomorrow, may your bottom line be good.