1, 2, 3

Easy as one-two-three

English idiom



I like the number 3. Give me more than three things to choose from, or to look at, my eyes glaze over and my brain switches off.

At work, our electronic filing system per client each has 4 folders. Accounting, secretarial, tax and general. Although a contradiction, I ignore the general folder. I had to have something to put the stuff that doesn’t belong in the other three. Perfectly logical.

Lists also freak me out. I need order, so I want to have a list for this, then a list for that, then I end up needing a list of all my lists. A while ago I asked my friend Andrea to look at my systems in the practice*. Her diagnosis? Too many systems. She was right of course. Irritating, but right.

Years ago, there was a comedy programme where a father was giving his future son-in-law advice. Whatever the bride-to-be would show him in the future, ah-hah the first two and say you like the third one. Switch the scene to where the mother is talking to the bride-to-be. When there is something she likes and she wants her husband’s agreement, put the one you want him to pick third! I have never forgotten that.

But this one, two, three thing simplifies personal growth and change.

One, you get an idea. Or a goal. Or a target.

Two, investigate. Or get specific. Or break it down.

Three, take action. Or take action. Or take action.

The third step is always the same.

Think about it …

You need to change/do/fix something. A plan allows you take the next step without thinking. It’s like the GPS in your car. Without the annoying accent. Although it would be nice if you went off course to hear “recalculating”…

So, this plan of yours. It mustn’t be the blueprint for the rest of your life. It must be something that you can start putting into action IMMEDIATELY. And that action will bring you closer to whatever you have chosen.

And it must ONLY have 3 steps. Sure, each step can have sub-steps to it, but ONLY 3 main steps.

For example;

debt has spiralled out of control                    or            your new business needs new clients

1. make a list of everything you owe                             1. make a list of everyone you know

2. work out a repayment schedule                                2. get introductory flyers/emails

3. contract the creditors                                                  3. send the into to the people on the list

Baby steps…

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Until next time, have a good one.


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Forward, march!

March to the beat of your own drummer. 

Henry David Thoreau

I was in matric when our school, or some powers that be, decided the girls had to learn to march.

Some of the memory is a bit fuzzy (that was a long time ago) but we all trooped (pun) – into the road where we learnt the basics. It was not as easy as it seems. Suddenly a lot of girls didn’t know their left from their right and I know I got confused at times. I’m not even sure if it got to a second attempt, I’ll have to check with some school friends.

The other day I was waiting in a queue at a supermarket and I looked around at all the people. Everyone was so different. Not only their skin colours, but their looks, the way they dressed, the way they walked. I am amazed at how different everyone is. That’s on the outside. What about the inside?

Most of us more than likely want the same things, worry about the same things. But we have different senses of humour and different priorities. And different ways of handling things. But somehow, we have people and or society imposing expectations on us all the time. You must do this, you must do that, etc. etc. etc.

We all march to the beat of a different drum. If our marching doesn’t hurt other people, then why should we have to conform to what society expects of us?

Before you think I am promoting anarchy and lawlessness, I am not. I am saying live and let live. Chill a bit. Don’t get bent out of shape when someone isn’t the same as you. If there are standards that must be met, lay them out.

Tell the person what you expect, tell them when they are not meeting them and why it is important that they do. Sometimes they can’t fit in with what you need, and their drum cannot match that beat you need.

When your drums beat at such different tempos that it would make a dog howl, then it’s time to relook the situation.

Life is short – don’t waste time getting worked up over which foot you start marching with.

Until next time, forward, march!